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Our school

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Organizational Chart

In 1st of May,2001 the University Council decided that the department of Production ,Maintenance and training be established and consist of the following divisions:-

1.Training Division :

Charged with training the students in the department workshops according to the training courses prepared by the related faculties such as faculty of Hijjawi of engineering tech. and Fine Arts Faculty.

2.Electrical Division :

Charged with installing, maintaining, and  servicing the campus electrical networks and Lighting.

3.Mechanical Division :

Charged with installing, maintaining and servicing water supply and sewage networks, central heating network and their equipments.

4.Civil Works Division :

Charged with ceramic,tiles,marble,painting plastery and outdoor civil works.

5.Metal Sheet Works  Division :

a. Aluminum workshop:

Manufacturing of aluminum doors and windows, glass works and installing false ceiling.

b.Iron Sheet Works Branch :

Charged with manufacturing, servicing and fixing doors and windows and all electrical welding and manufacturing of Iron furniture’s needs.

6.Carpentry  Division :

Charged with production of wood furniture needs and maintaining of the old furniture and student seats also all decoration works.

7.Instruments & Control  Division :

a.Instruments Branch:

Charged with maintaining of instruments and equipments designing and implementing control systems rewinding motors and operating Al-Hussainieh Library building through B.M.S system.

b.Air Conditioning Branch :

Charged with servicing A.C’s,refregrators cookers and washing machines.

8.Clerks  Division :

Charged with documentation, receiving the Job orders manage all the human resources affairs and support all the division by transportation and spare parts.

The department is also paying progressive attention to local community service through training engineers, technicians and students to give them a good experience to begin their step in the field of the work.

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