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Our school

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Organizational Chart

Since it has been established in 1976, the aim of this department is to achieve the objectives of the University and maintain its high reputation.  The Department provides advice to decision makers contributes in various committees and conducts its missions through the following sections:

1 - The Archive : 
It manages the internal and external communications and distributes them to the competent   University departments.     

2 -  Media and Distribution:
This section deals with various systems of mass media through preparing daily reports about the University activities to be published in local papers.  It also prepares a newsletter “Al-Anba’” and “Yarmouk Magazine.”  In addition, the section is responsible for the University New Net “YUNN” essential to communicate university messages to staff and local community.

3  -  Local Cultural Activities :  
participates in preparing conferences, seminars and workshops.

4 -  Reception &Hospitality  
It handles receiving and arranging housing and preparing gifts for university occasions.

5 -   Printing:  
It produces all University publications including newsletters, posters and adds.

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