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Organizational Chart

The Engineering Department was created on 02/15/1976 and accompanied the evolution of the university, where you need to complete the university buildings, services, facilities and integrated infrastructure through the following different sections: 

1 - Division of Design and studies: 
The roll of this division is to study the  university academic plans. And then develop engineering programs as well as planning for the needs of academic different facilities, administrative and recreational. 
Also the division in cooperation with the relevant authorities prepare all plans and studies necessary and appropriate to their needs and preparation of tender documents as well as monitoring the necessary financial allocations in the university budget for the implementation of these projects and construction. 

2 - Division of Implementation: 
The main roll of this division, through his staff is  to supervise and to follow-up  the university buildings tenders and to prepare tenders documents as well as supervision of the implementation of the university buildings projects in addition to primary and final delivery of the projects in cooperation with the Department of Finance and other relevant sides
3 –Division of documentation and buildings and monitoring university land properities: 
the task of this division is to follow up all matters relating to University buildings and lands and  follow up all the decisions of the buildings committee related to maintenance works and modifications dictated by the need, as well as the preparation of periodic statements relating to the maintenance of buildings and follow up their implementation. 
The division is also responsible for documentation of university land and buildings, in special records designed for this purpose. 

The Engineering Department also  trains students of the Faculty of Engineering of all Jordanian universities where training programs are designed to process them include design work, studies and practical training at project sites in cooperation with the faculties of engineering in their universities. 

The department is currently supervising the following projects: 
- the building of economics and Journalism and Media in the South Land. 
- Project stalls. 
- Follow-up documentation of lands and 
- water tank in the  the university South land. 
- khawrezmi building surfacing  yards. 

The university intends to establish the following future projects in the university South Land: 
- Faculty of Law 
- Faculty of Islamic studies (sharia). 
- Faculty of pharmacy

- Processing infrastructure of roads, streams, drains, and water extensions. 

- the university seeks to establish a hospitality suite for housing near the South housing in the main site of the university as well as the establishment of six apartments in a residential campus in the city of Aqaba. 
The Department intends to develop and implement a computerized program for all schemes and projects of the University's existing and the future ones.

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