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Organizational Chart

The Finance Department is assigned the mission of managing the university assets to include collecting and disbursing money in accordance with the Jordanian universities laws, resulations , standing orders and the decisions made according to these laws. In addition, the Department develops and implements policies, procedures, plans and programs relating to all financial function. Furthermore, the Department takes all necessary measures, precautions and adequate monitoring means to protect the university assets and the financial records .

The Department is entrusted with keeping and regulating the accounting ledgers and records for the university  in aproper manner and inaccordance with the sound accountability rules. The Department , also, prepares the university draft budget including the tables, data and detailed information relating to the budget and  all the explanatory notes in accordance with the standing operating procedures. The Department issues computerized disbursement  orders, inaddition to issuing automated checks . All incoming and outgoing paperwork and correspondence archive is computerized .

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