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Our school

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Organizational Chart

Through its two divisions, Legal consultations, Contracts and Agreements Division, and Disciplinary Committees and Councils and Lawsuits Division, the Department of Legal Affaires shoulders the responsibility of furnishing opinions concerning juristical and penal disputes concerning University personnel. It also participates in drafting and editing the laws, by-laws and regulations for the University council legal committee.

In addition the Department provides legal consultation to disciplinary councils and participates in sitting up indictment statements, drafting agreements and contracts as well as providing consultations to all University units through the President. It documents University legislations and Jordanian laws pertinent to the University.

The Department issues the Laws, By-laws and Regulations Guide and keeps it up-to-date on the University website.

The Department manages legal notifications and follows up on these procedures. It acts as secretary to investigation committees and disciplinary councils in relation to all University employees and students.

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