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Organizational Chart

The Tendering Department Was established as an independent administrative unit in 1996 The department takes the responsibility for Making tenders for all yarmouk University required Supplies such as devices, equipment glassy and chemical materials, stationeries, maintenance materials and furniture. Besides, the department is authorized to Making construction tenders for establishing and maintaining buildings through a sound policy adopted by the department. This policy requires that the department employees verify specifications prior to advertising the tender. Then, this department sells the pids and save them ,quides the technical committee ,and verifies its reports and results. It also prepares proceedings which are to be discussed, signed and ratified during the meetings. Moreover it takes over the responsibility of distributing these proceedings to the concerned parties and firms. In addition to that ,the department considers any misunderstanding that might occur and takes the necessary procedures to clarify this. The Tendering Department has two divisions :

1- Awarding Division.

2- Studies and Specifications Division.

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